Photodynamic Therapy

Dr. Warrick is pleased to offer his patients the benefits of the newest advancement for the treatment of precancerous skin lesions on the face, scalp, arms, forearms, hands, chest, back, and legs. It is an in-office procedure in which a medication called levulinic acid is applied to the skin and allowed to sit for a prescribed amount of time. This step is totally painless. Then the area is exposed to a special blue light to activate the levulinic acid to attack and begin destroying the precancerous skin cells. Exposure time is less than 17 minutes. You may feel a stinging or burning sensation in the treated area while being exposed. Most people tolerate this very well. The skin exposed will have a “sun burned” redness for 4-7 days. This newest advancement in dermatology is promising to help destroy the precancerous skin cells before they become skin cancer.